You Have Questions.. Here are Some Answers

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Do you offer a guarantee? 

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you have to do the course and the homework. We have the Facebook and group coaching so we can address any concerns and get you the information you need to grow your brand. As in any course though, you have to put in the work to get the results, and developing a professional brand is not an overnight success story. It’s up to you to follow the strategies and information provided to make sure it is suitable for your goals. 

If I’m not ready to join a course, how can I still get help? 
We offer blogs and free resources on the website. You can also join our open Facebook group. 

I’m looking for private consulting to develop my thought leadership and brand. Is that something you do? 
Yes, we offer one-to-one consulting to a limited number of people each quarter. Contact us to see if there’s room. 

What’s the difference between your products and what I can get online? 
Sure, you can figure this all out yourself, but it will take time and resources. There are other courses online along with books, but they usually don’t have the next step with them, the coaching and the group dynamic. 

Can you guarantee I’ll be a social media star/influencer/get on media/ninja/guru/ or anything else? 
We can point you in the direction, give you strategic suggestions, but in the end, this is an educational experience. You must put in the work do get any results, and results will vary greatly. 

How does this differ from hiring a PR firm? 
A PR or public relations firm can and will do this for you, but they are costly, usually only focus on big brands and don’t give you the life-long learning that this course will. If you want it all done for you, consider contacting Lisa Bragg’s company, 

How long will this take? 
This is not a quick process, as you work to build your career, you must also put the time in to develop your professional brand. If you follow our strategies, and do the work, you should see results within a few months. To achieve leadership, expert and visionary status does take time and as these disclaimers go, results will vary. 

Where are your other terms and conditions? 
We’re just launching, so this is coming soon. We are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada so any issues will be resolved within that jurisdiction. All content on this site belongs to either Lisa Bragg or which is a division of MediaFace Inc. 

Data Collection 
Currently, we only collect data when you agree to be a student. We will not sell, lend or give your information to any other organization.
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