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Join Kickstart – The YouSphere Project before our official launch in the fall of 2020. Join us now for the pilot project (and get a massive discount on this valuable course.)

Professional Branding:
Kickstart - YouSphere Project

Personal Branding, Thought Leadership
Women are taught to minimize their successes and focus on the "we" – but it's more important than ever to start talking about yourself. Learn how to "brag" about your accomplishments and build a professional brand that works for you.

Three-Week Course: Powerful Professional Reputation

Leadership, storytelling, audience
This is a strategic and tactical course, so you’ll get big picture ideas but also be able see that you’re moving forward. We walk you through our examples so that you can see it in action. It’s a six-hour program and you’ll have access to the course for two months.

Developing Content Pillars for Thought Leadership

meaning and mattering; message architecture, Thought LEadership
Discovering and building out your own content pillars creates an architecture for all of your messaging and gives consistency and structure to your work. This workshop helps you develop and hone your own pillars for cohesive and effective thought leadership.

Powering Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, Social Media, Personal Branding
Upon completion of this workshop, you'll have the tools you need to completely revitalize your LinkedIn profile. Learn the tricks and tips to help you move from having a ho-hum or barely done profile to one that showcases you as an expert.

How to Win Trust in an Age of Distrust

Trust, Corporate Social Responsibility
There was a time when people did business on a handshake and a smile. How do you build the digital version of that immediate, confidence-building interaction? Get the must-know strategies to build trust in an age without trust.

Travelling the Audience Journey Loop

Lifecycle Marketing, moments that matter
Forget the marketing funnel. The audience journey loop is the way to build a connected, engaged, and lasting audience. Explore the moments that matter to your customers and deepen client relationships.

“What was clear in having Lisa lead a breakout session at our conference is that she’s an experienced and accomplished presenter. Whether relating abstract concepts to concrete, real-life examples or building moments of genuine audience interaction, her talk was met with undivided attention and glowing feedback by our attendees.”

–Silvia Pencak, President, WBE Canada

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