The Value of a Trusted Team

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When hiring new employees, a lot of managers will talk about “fit.” How will the new hire fit in with the company’s culture, workplace dynamic, and leadership style(s)? I think the concept of “fit” can be a little surface-level: it doesn’t matter if my employee likes summer rosé or wants to join the office’s book club. What does matter to me most is if I can trust that person to do their job, do it well, and to act with the best interests of the company and its clients in mind.

Your employees will know, right away, if you trust them or not. Micromanaging, being overly scrutinous of sick days, or requiring frequent, detailed (and therefore, time-consuming) reports are all ways to let your people know that you think they can’t be relied upon to do their jobs correctly. 

The alternative is the trusted team, where you reap the benefits of a positive working relationship. Your employees will feel empowered to be proactive and take the initiative, instead of having their every move managed. Instead of finger-pointing when something goes wrong, there’s an opportunity for true dialogue to assess weak points in your processes and how to improve them. They’re likely to feel that trust and advocate for your organization, as authentic ambassadors that no marketing campaign could hope to top. Plus – and every executive knows this to be true – you have one less worry to lose sleep over knowing that your employees have your back.

Of course, as a leader, it’s my job to give my staff the tools to earn my trust. Engaging my employees through weekly FIKA – our unstructured, hour-long coffee break – sharing company results, and checking in on what resources people need to best do their jobs mean that I’m aware of what they’re up against, and that I can trust them to handle it. The relationships you nurture with your employees are where trust springs from, so open your office door, call for a check-in, and give your team a chance. 

I trust you’ll be surprised by the results.

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