Hi, I’m Lisa Bragg.

I’m on a mission to help leaders, experts and visionaries reach their potential by sharing their value to the world.

Your ideas could be the one thing that makes a breakthrough in service of our planet, other people or, making a profit.

Too many of us think that bragging is a bad word.

Take it from someone with the last name Bragg – self-promotion is a critical element to your success, but you have to do it right.

Perhaps, like me, you have “good girl” syndrome: do excellent work, keep your head down and wait for someone to notice you. It’s a formula to go nowhere, and it’s one I was sold again and again.

My consulting, workshops and online courses are here to help you develop the stories to move you forward and shed the stories that are holding you back. The world needs the knowledge you have that’s either still deep inside, or sitting on your desktop, ready to hit send. I’m excited to share with you what has worked for me, what my years of research show, and what I’ve tested through consulting with large organizations.

“I not only enjoyed Lisa Bragg’s breakout session at the recent WBE conference, but really had a couple of solid take-aways. Her reference to relationships and transactions really stuck with me.  Even successful businesses need to take a step back, assess relationships and ensure that each one is nurtured instead of just knee-jerk reacting to quotes and orders. It sounds logical, but we get so caught up in the micro of everyday business that we need reminders and simple tools to foster the very relationships that are keeping us so busy!

Thank you Lisa for an informative and enjoyable session; I am inspired.”

Tami Chiarello, Sales & Design Consultant, Patrick Cassidy

About Lisa

Lisa Bragg’s philosophy is centred on the principle that everyone brings value to the world. She wants female leaders, executives and entrepreneurs to be recognized, but to do so, they need the confidence, language and tools to tell their own stories. 

Just like Reese Witherspoon has said, “I believe ambition is not a dirty word. It’s just believing in yourself and your abilities.” Building on that, Lisa says, “Bragging isn’t a dirty word; it’s just telling the world the truth about your accomplishments and your abilities.” 

It’s Lisa’s brand and reputation that has enabled her to get numerous opportunities, meetings and recognition in the niches that matter to her success. 

Lisa has a seven-figure award-winning business that she started from scratch in her basement. The company often works with many big brand international clients, who are looking to have conversations with women entrepreneurs, leaders and executives. 

As a former journalist, Lisa has seen the power of story for decades. As she sees it, if every woman had support to develop confidence to reach the next level, they had the tools to join conversations, and the ability to reach new audiences, the world would be a much better place.